Reminder: Order Carport Replacement Covers Before Winter

Portable Garage Shelters for Disaster Recovery

Protecting your vehicle or other precious possessions that are stored outdoors over the winter months is important. Especially if you’re concerned about wear or damage from the elements.

If you’re current carport canopy cover has seen its day and needs replacing, you’ll want to consider getting that done before the winter temperatures and inclement weather make their way around.

Replace a Damaged Cover

Even materials made to last will eventually need to be upgraded over time. Patches to cover small holes are an easy fix, but larger issues in a carport covers will put the integrity of the apparatus at risk and can even render it useless for protecting your investments.

The good news is a steel frame will outlast that kind of wear and tear so you’ll only need to replace the cover. When buying a new replacement cover for your carport consider the material, size and usage you’ll require. A heavy-duty polyethylene material is strong enough to resist UV rays, is waterproof and comes in various sizes and color options.

Upgraded Protection

This is also an opportune time to think about if you’d like to get more out of your covered shelter. If you’ve been thinking about having additional coverage from your carport, now’s the time to opt for the full enclosure kits which provide optimal protection from the elements. With additional panels for the sides and front and back of the frame, you’ll be sure to keep all moisture and other debris from entering the area and protect whatever valuables you house for several months at a time. When the season is over, you can simply take the shelter down or use it for other storage needs.

At Carport Depot we offer high-quality portable shelters at affordable prices. To find the right structure for your storage needs, take a look through our vast selection and give us a call today.