Rapid Deployment Module Redefines Portable Shelters

rapid-deployThe Visible Good company has developed a new portable shelter that can be set up quickly and easily with no tools. Their Rapid Deployment Module, or RDM, can be a valuable aid during a crisis situation when shelter is needed fast.

Visible Good’s RDM is portable, reusable, and can be assembled in under 30 minutes by just two people. The fact that the 130 square foot RDM requires no tools makes it an even better emergency shelter. If a natural disaster or emergency situation should occur and shelter is needed, the RDM can be delivered as a self-contained unit. The shipping crate is utilized as the base for the shelter.

The RDM features hard walls that double as whiteboards, raised floors, and a vented fabric roof. The doors and windows are lockable on the RDM for better security. Visible Good says that their product can be used and then reused in a variety of emergency situations, including disaster relief, first-response, and even education. The RDM has been given a lifespan of a decade, allowing for multiple uses over time.

This portable emergency shelter has already been used in the field. BP purchased 26 RDMs for its ongoing cleanup operation of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. Army has also given Visible Good a research and development grant to create an “extreme” RDM that would be suitable for more challenging weather conditions.