Protecting Yourself from Tornadoes

Over the last few years, there has been a rash of terrible natural disasters which have truly changed the way that we discuss safety during storms and other types of weather. Because of the presence of portable shelters in these disasters, we have discussed world events in this blog. This runs the gamut of everything from the tsunamis in Japan to the earthquake in Haiti, both of which had called for portable shelters. However, one thing I haven’t covered is how to protect yourself in the face of tornadoes. With the destruction recently seen in the Midwest U.S., there is no better time to look at some tips about protection:

–          Seek protection as quickly as possible even if the storm is coming quickly. Don’t’ worry about your belongings around the house, just find some type of shelter.

–          In the home or office, go to the lowest part of your home or use an inner hallway to make sure of the utmost safety.

–          Do not cover yourself but use a mattress to help cushion your surroundings if the walls begin to shake

–          Any portable building shouldn’t be used as a permanent shelter, seeing as it can be lifted up and taken away very swiftly.

–          Put an emergency first aid kit in your car in case some type of injury is sustained during an escape or trip.

–          One of the times when it is good to get out of a sheltered area is when you are parked in a car. Get out of your car and find a flat piece of land with low-lying area. Cover yourself with a blanket for added protection.

–          You should also have an emergency radio (hand crank is preferable) to get the best information available to you during a storm.