Protecting Horses and Livestock with Shelters

Portable Run in Sheds

When it comes to portable shelters, we usually jump to the conclusion that they are for inanimate objects, especially considering the need to protect lawnmowers, vehicles and other items that simply won’t fit in your house. Weather conditions can be damaging to these products and they need shelters to act as a shield. However, farmers use shelters for the protection of a totally different reason – their horses and livestock.

The most common way of sheltering horses and other livestock on farms from adverse weather is inside their barns or stables. This may seem obvious, but it raises an interesting point – how do these animals get the exercise and fresh air that they need to be healthy. Luckily for these animals, portable horse shelters allow animals to get outside without being totally exposed to any harmful weather like sleet or torrential downpours.

The features of these shelters are impressive, especially when you consider the lifelong benefits for your livestock. Not only do they provide enough head room for comfort, but the open areas of the enclosure allow for movement and ample ventilation.  Portable horse shelters are also wonderful for the farmer, particularly when the shelter needs to be moved to a different location. The easy-to-install shelter is also a breeze to relocate.

Run-in sheds are also a wonderful way to provide your animals with the ability to move around outside in nasty weather. If it is getting really hot outside, it can be detrimental to your animals. Setting up a run-in shed with a food and water source is one way to help your horses stay healthy without the heat bearing down on them. A primary element of run in sheds is your horse’s ability to move freely in and out of the shelter when it needs shade or needs sunlight.

If you are using a run-in shed or portable horse shelter as a semi-permanent residence for your horse or livestock, make sure there are gates that will keep your animals inside for extended periods of time.