run-in shed animal shelter

Protect Your Horses or Livestock with a Run-In Shed

run-in shed animal shelter

Horses and livestock are vulnerable to the effects of heat, cold, rain, and snow. Animals can develop heatstroke and frostbite if they are exposed to severe weather and can be uncomfortable if they are caught out in the rain. If you have horses or other animals, provide them with protection from the elements with a run-in shed.

Even if you normally house your animals in a barn, you most likely don’t want to keep them there all the time. You probably let them out into a pasture during the day to exercise and graze. If the weather turns hot or cold or it starts to rain or snow, you might not be home or might not have enough time to round them all up and get them into the barn quickly.

An easy solution to this problem is to set up a run-in shed out in the field. That way, your horses or livestock will have protection available at all times. If the weather turns bad, they will be able to simply walk into the shelter on their own. This will protect them from the elements and reduce the amount of work that will be required for you.

Our animal shelters are portable, lightweight, and easy to construct. They are designed to be sturdy and to resist damage that could be caused by rain, wind, and the sun’s UV rays. The polyethylene covers are made with UV-resistant materials, fade-blockers, and anti-fungal agents to keep your horses or livestock safe. A run-in shed offers the best protection for animals, short of keeping them in a barn at all times.