Protect Your Construction Equipment with a Portable Garage This Winter

portable-garage-construction-equipment-vehicles-winterIf you run a construction business that builds houses, offices, stores, restaurants, or other types of buildings, you most likely use a lot of heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, backhoes, and trucks. This equipment is expensive and needs to be protected from damage that could cause it to malfunction or create a safety hazard.

Protection from the elements is especially important in the winter. Extreme cold and moisture from snow or rain can cause equipment to not work properly or to become rusted and damaged. Shielding your construction equipment and vehicles from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures can help them last longer and can help you avoid downtime that could cost your business money for repairs and put you behind schedule.

Where to Store Construction Vehicles and Equipment in the Winter

The best place to store your construction equipment when it is not being used is inside a permanent building, but that is not feasible if you are working at a construction site where you leave the equipment for weeks at a time. In that case, you can set up a portable garage on site to shield your expensive equipment from the elements.

Features of a Portable Garage

Shelters of America offers portable garages in a variety of sizes that can be used to protect construction equipment and vehicles. Our shelters range in size from 5 to 42 feet wide. They are easy to construct and can often be set up in a matter of minutes.

Portable garages from Shelters of America are designed to stand up to harsh weather. They have OD galvanized steel frames, rafter spacing, and steel arch supports. These features help our portable garages stand up to wind, rain, and accumulated snow on the roof.

The covers for our portable garages are extra thick for all-weather protection for your construction equipment and vehicles. The polyethylene covers are UVI-protected and treated with agents to prevent rotting and tearing. The covers are available in a selection of colors that includes white, tan, and gray.

Order a Portable Garage to Protect Your Construction Equipment

Now that winter is coming up, protection for your construction equipment and vehicles is even more important than at other times of the year. Snow and moisture can lead to rust and other problems that can cause equipment to malfunction when it is needed. You can protect your construction equipment and vehicles with a portable garage from Shelters of America. Place your order today.