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Preventing Fires in Portable Shelters

Portable shelters are terrific because they offer additional storage space on the fly and without the need to break ground or build a permanent building. The uses are also extensive. From storing vehicles, to equipment and even livestock.

A common threat, especially in summer months, are fires. Here are some tips for preventing fires in portable shelters.

Understand the Risks

Depending on what you’ll be using your carport or portable shelter to store, you may have risks present regarding fires. Storing flammable materials for example, should be done safely, and using proper storage vessels. Another common threat such as live electrical wiring should be handled with care. Battery chargers, extension cords and other components should be considered.

The same is true if your storage will be packed with very dry materials like hay that can ignite quickly. All of these factors require proper precautions be taken when using portable storage to maintain them.

Perform Periodic Safety Checks

Even if you’ve properly stored items, it’s not a do it once and forget it thing. The risk of fire is very serious. Tanks can crack, fuel can leak and a spark can fly across a distance. All of these scenarios can pose an issue of fire in your portable shelter. It’s important to perform regular safety checks of the shelter. Ensuring nothing flammable is out of place or that conditions inside haven’t changed.

Choose the Best Shelter for Your Usage

Since there are a number of ways to use portable storage, you should consider what you’ll be storing. If there are highly flammable materials being stored, or if the potential to catch fire is greater you may want to consider a metal carport which can resist flames and is long lasting.

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