Prepping Your Portable Greenhouse

With the winter beginning to show signs of slowing down, some people may be anxiously awaiting the advent of spring, the perfect season to start thinking about your portable greenhouse. However, before you start thinking about setting it up, there are some steps to take first. Here are some of them:

–          Clear the Snow – If you haven’t done so, make sure your roof and any canopies or portable garages you own have been cleared off. Any buildup of snow and/or ice can be devastating to the safety of these structures and could injure someone.

–          Scrub Down Your Greenhouse – Take a pressure washer or strong hose and really give your greenhouse a good spraying. This should remove a lot of muck and dirt that may have built up during the off months in your garage.

–          No Chemicals! – One facet of cleaning that shouldn’t enter your greenhouse is any kind of chemical cleaner, regardless of how easily it removes tough grime. Use an eco-friendly cleaner if it’s absolutely necessary. You don’t want to start your season growing in a chemically loaded environment.

–          Setting Up – When you are setting up your greenhouse, make sure the ground beneath is absolutely dry because you’ll need a strong foundation to support your portable greenhouse. Also, the location is crucial to the success of your greenhouse – if you’re going to be growing a lot of plants that do not react well to sunlight, keep your greenhouse in another location. Also make sure that there is enough room around the greenhouse to move freely.

–          Portable Shed – Think about installing a portable shed next to the greenhouse. This kind of storage space will definitely allow you to keep your greenhouse uncluttered and simple to move around.