Preparing a Greenhouse for Spring Growing

clean greenhouseIf you are planning to grow plants in your greenhouse this spring, you will need to clean it first. Bacteria, algae, and insects can cause damage to healthy plants.

Before you clean your greenhouse, remove all of the plants. You need the space to be as open and clean as possible to make the job of cleaning easier. Also, some of the cleaning products you will use on the greenhouse could be harmful to plants.

Clean your greenhouse on a breezy day, if possible. You can leave the doors and windows open to allow air to circulate and dry it out faster.

Before you begin spraying water and chemicals, cover any electrical outlets. Bits of plastic sheeting are good for the job.

You can use a spray of liquid soda crystals to clean plastic, but not aluminum. You can use a solution of washing-up liquid or a mild all-purpose cleaner that doesn’t need to be rinsed off to clean any surface in your greenhouse. Be sure to thoroughly clean the T-bars because pests may live there. Use a firm brush or steel wool to clean those areas. Use a well-wrung kitchen mop to clean the inside roof without getting yourself too wet. Before you close your windows, spray the hinges with WD-40.

If you have a gravel floor, replace it with fresh gravel. If you have a stone floor in your greenhouse, you can clean it with a disinfectant.

Discard any plants that are showing signs of disease. If you are planning to re-use containers that you used to grow plants last year, be sure to thoroughly disinfect them first. Clean and disinfect benches and work tables to prevent algae and bacteria from growing and damaging the new plants that you plan to grow. Once your greenhouse has been thoroughly cleaned, you are ready to bring in the new season’s plants and begin growing your flowers and vegetables.