Portable Storage Buildings for Different Climates

Portable garage makers like Shelterlogic make portable storage buildings in a variety of shapes. Is there any reason behind this or is it only for aesthetics? After all, some buildings come barn-shaped while others are rounded. But some shelters are better for certain climates or weather conditions than others. While rounded roof and peaked shelters essentially protect the same way, rounded roof shelters are designed to let snow, rain, and any other precipitation simply roll off. But, if you’re in an area that doesn’t experience large amounts of precipitation, the South or West Coast parts of the United States for example, a peaked roof style is a better option.

Although, if you’re deciding to protect an RV with one of these portable shelters for example, the two canopies have the same format and dimensions, as well as zipper or roll-up doors, a peaked shelter costs somewhat less. In comparing prices on Portable Garage Depot, a 14 by 20 by 14 foot peaked shelter is roughly $2000, while the rounded roof counterpart with the same dimensions runs about $2650. What’s the difference? Typically, a rounded roof shelter has a more elaborate frame to put together, as each vertical piece is rounded and is attached together by straight horizontal bars. The canopy, then, fits over this rounded frame.

Prices aside, though, rounded roof shelters are considered stronger for more extreme weather conditions. If you live in an area that experiences large amounts of snow, you don’t want a canopy to buckle and break – or even tear – from snow and ice gathering on its surface. Instead, the ideal shelter will prevent snow from forming on the surface, and, as a rounded roof shape allows the snow or rain to roll off, the shelter is better designed for areas experiencing heavy snowfalls and large amounts of rain. If your area only experiences average or minimal amounts of snow, choosing a strong but not the strongest shelter will meet your needs for protection.