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Portable Shelters for Summer Livestock

Livestock are vulnerable to the effects of the sun and high temperatures. If your farm has horses, cattle, or other types of animals that spend time outside in a pasture or field during the summer, they need to be protected. Portable shelters from Portable Garage Depot are a simple and effective solution.

How Summer Weather Can Affect Livestock

Harsh sunlight can cause sunburn in some animals, such as cows and sheep, as well as in other animals that have white or light-colored fur and pink skin. Sunburn can impact milk production, the quality of wool, the safety of meat, and an animal’s overall health.

Although some forms of livestock have regular body temperatures that are significantly higher than those of humans, animals can suffer from extreme heat. High temperatures can make animals such as horses, cows, and pigs susceptible to heatstroke.

Protect Your Livestock from Summer Weather Conditions with portable shelters

It’s relatively easy to shield the animals on your farm from conditions that could be harmful. One option is to keep them inside the barn during the day, but that can be problematic. If the barn doesn’t have adequate airflow, it can become hot and stuffy. Also, animals can inhale dirt, dust, and bacteria from feces, which can lead to respiratory problems.

Keeping animals outside in the fresh air is a better solution. Livestock can do well out in a field during the summer, as long as they can escape intense sunlight and seek shade when the temperature gets too high.

Buy a Livestock Portable Shelter to Keep Your Animals Safe and Healthy

Portable Garage Depot sells portable shelters that can shield your livestock from harsh conditions and keep them healthy during the summer. A run-in shed can be placed in a field, and animals can enter at one end and leave through the other. That makes it easy for several animals to move about freely. You can place feed, hay, and water inside a run-in shed to encourage livestock to come inside and stay there for a while and to make sure that they get the nutrition and hydration they need.

We also offer corral shelters that can be attached to a gate or fence so animals can seek a respite from the heat whenever they want. A corral shelter has a sturdy steel frame and a durable cover to provide protection from the elements.

Although farm animals are used to spending time outdoors, they’re vulnerable to the effects of summer weather. If you operate a farm, make sure that your livestock has the necessary protection. Order a livestock shelter from Portable Garage Depot today.