party tent

Portable Shelters and Summer Parties Go Hand-in-hand

For the last few blog posts we’ve been talking about the advantages of carports in the changing seasons and how to keep portable garages cool in the warmer months. In addition to storage uses, there are also reasons to invest in a portable shelter – especially if summer parties are a frequent occurrence at your house.

Here’s why.

Summer parties are a great way to gather a large crowd of friends and family or even have a corporate picnic. The weather is great, there are activities you can do and the headcounts don’t have to be as limited as indoor seating capacities.

Summer is a popular season for graduation parties, weddings, retirement parties and more. The challenge at all of these events is having cover. Food coverage from mosquitoes and flies and table coverage to shade and protect guests trying to enjoy the day.

One thing that can change the plans is an unexpected rain shower or other weather popping up during the event. Plus sometimes the summer sun can get really hot. Instead of worrying about whether or not your summer party will fail or if the sun is going to be unbearable, opt for a covered canopy and offer guests the comfort of shade as well as protection from the elements.

A portable canopy can also double as a place to store your vehicle or equipment in your yard at other times so it’s not going unused. There are also an array of sizes and options you can choose from to fit user specific needs.

Shelters of America offers temporary or permanent portable garage and carport building products. Our canopies and portable shelters are made from the highest quality galvanized steel frames and long lasting polyethylene covers so your investment will be protected for years. Shop today!