Portable Shelter Provides Relief during a Disaster

Portable Shelter

There has been a huge surge in the market for disaster relief products after the world has experienced so many natural disasters in the recent years. One Canadian design firm has created a cheap and affordable portable shelter product that can help create personal space for those affected by a natural disaster.

The design firm Molo has created the “softshelter” to provide disaster victims with their own personal space when living in temporary relief centers. To demonstrate the practicality of the system and refine it, one Molo team SoftSheltermember has camped out in a softshelter module for several weeks.

The portable shelter is made from 100 percent recycled materials and is designed for re-use over a long period of time. The flexible walls pack flat, allowing for easy, fast, and cost effective shipping. The design also allows for quick setup to create walls and rooms anywhere. The softwall quickly and easily expands to create four walls, and the end panels are connected magnetically to each other.

One of the main focuses of Molo for this product was to make the space seem personal and provide comfort in a time of disaster. Molo added a few features to the softshelter, like:

• A magnetic clipping system for pictures
• Flower vase
• Tyvek hanger
• LED light

Small touches like those give the softshelter that personal touch that can help ease a disaster victim’s mind. By giving the victims their own spaces, they will not have to sleep on a cot next to a bunch of other people. Inexpensive and easy to set-up, the softshelter is a great tool for victims of a natural disaster.

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