Portable Rain Tarp System Integrates Rainwater Retention with Heat Reflective Technology

Rain Retention System

The outdoor adventure company Kammok is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to introduce its new product. The Glider is a portable weather shelter and rain tarp system that has integrated rainwater retention and heat reflective technology.

The Glider is Kammok’s second product to hit Kickstarter. Their last project was the 10th largest Kickstarter project in history at the time and they hope this campaign will be even bigger. The Glider is endorsed by survival and outdoor adventure television start Bear Grylls. He said,

“I am super exciter to literally see this new Kammok project get off the ground! The Kammok Roo camping hammocks have become one of my family’s favorites and has become a firm staple on my own adventures.”

Kammok is dedicated to innovative design and a product such as an outdoor shelter with a water retention system is typical of their vision. The Glider is the first ever consumer camping or relief shelter to include built-in rain retention technology. The product uses a patent-pending design that includes catenary curves that were inspired by the sugaKammok Gliderr glider flying squirrel. Adjustable suspension creates natural rain gutters where water can be channeled along the curves to the four feet of the Glider. There are flexible water bottles at the base of the feet that collect the rainwater for immediate drinking or storage.

The Glider is made from Kammok’s revolutionary Amphibiskin material. Amphibiskin is constructed from high tenacity fiber technologies, starting with a CORDURA brand base fiber that makes the finished fabric extremely durable. The fabric is then siliconized for added strength and treated with waterproof and heat reflective finishes. The end result is an ultra-light fabric that can protect against downpours, snowstorms, and extreme hot temperatures.

The great thing about the Glider is that it is very versatile. It can be used as a shelter in times of natural disaster or for providing shade on the beach. The innovative design will definitely make the Glider an amazing product.

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