Portable Medical Buildings Cause a Stir

Pharmacies are an essential element of our lives and provide a service that isn’t available from any other type of vendor. Put simply, we visit pharmacies to receive medicine for ailments we might have. These stores also offer consultation and other advice to customers who may not know exactly what their drugs may do. But no matter how present pharmacies are, that does not make up for the importance of surgery centers and operating areas in hospitals.

That is why a story out of England’s Maldon Standard has many people concerned that a pharmacy is being planned at a local hospital with no room to spare. In fact, portable buildings are on the property just to reduce pressure on current hospital proceedings:

“Currently there are two portable buildings at the medical centre’s Lee House site to relieve the pressure on space within the main surgery building. Representations to Chelmsford Council by Danbury Parish Council said: ‘It is not appropriate to reduce space in the surgery to create a retail pharmacy which could be provided elsewhere.” It was also claimed the proposals would ‘exacerbate an already difficult daytime parking situation in surrounding streets.’”

The fact that surgical procedures at the hospital have been moved into portable buildings has some critics totally flabbergasted. There is always some concern when portable buildings have to be constructed and used in other areas of life – like when schools are overpopulated – but I can understand the hesitation at a hospital. Although the attempt to push this construction through has come with major support from hospital administration, there is still a wait on a decision from town officials:

In a letter to the council, Hannah Wraithe, assistant estates surveyor, said: “On the site at present are two portable buildings which are used by the doctors surgery due to the lack of space on site.

“‘This is in complete contrast to the current application which seems to suggest the health centre can lose four internal rooms in order to submit an application for a use which is not required in the area.’ A decision on the change of use application is due to be made by Chelmsford Council by June 20.”