Portable Greenhouses for Winter

With the cold weather and harsh conditions coming, it is definitely a good time to think about your storage options for the next few months. Looking into purchasing a portable garage or portable shelter for various reasons will definitely benefit your needs in the coming months, when it’s difficult to find places to keep your various vehicles protected from potential damage. For other people, there is a bigger concern during the cold seasons – how am I going to continue to garden?

While it is definitely a difficult task to garden throughout the winter, it can definitely be accomplished with some hard work and the right tools. One such tool is a portable greenhouse, which can be essential to the success and health of your plants. Portable greenhouses are simply built and set up anywhere on your property and provide the perfect space for your plants during any season, but can be extremely helpful during the winter.

Now while a lot of plants cannot grow in cold temperatures, there are some veggies that can withstand rough conditions, according to this article in The Enterprise:

But what about winter when the garden is bare? In most parts of the country root vegetables are still available throughout the winter. Think of hearty dishes of roasted potatoes, carrots and parsnips, or a warming soup of chicken and root veggies.

Starches and root vegetables: A winter staple, these veggies can stand up to cold temperatures and stay fresh in cold storage (like a cellar) for long periods of time. Look for:

– Carrots
– Sweet potatoes
– Onions
– Garlic
– Beets
– Potatoes
– Squash
– Parsnips
– Turnips

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