Portable Greenhouse Kits

Having a garden is a time-honored tradition all over the world – people just love to grow their own vegetables to put on the dinner table. There are so many reasons for doing so – fresh grown food from your backyard is perfect for light dishes, hearty stews and plenty of other meals. It is also nice knowing precisely how your food was grown and where it came from. There’s only one problem – you can’t have a garden year round. That’s where portable greenhouses come in!productd9897f5fca94581e96143c955131d488

Put simply, a portable greenhouse is the perfect alternative to spending your fall and winter without any fresh vegetables and flowers. Shelters of America carries numerous different models of portable greenhouse kits, ranging in various sizes. The 9’Wx12’Lx7’H GreenThumb Greenhouse has these features included:

– A 10 year warranty on the sturdy aluminum framing and polycarbonate
– Double walled UV-stabilized 4mm polycarbonate panels – excellent heat rentention and hot spot reduction.
– Large width sliding doors for ease of movement
– Four adjustable roof vents for superior venting and air control
– Corrosion fighting gutters with Weathertight poly gasket seams joining panels to frame

One of the best features of a portable greenhouse is the ability to automate and regulate temperature. Obviously, these features aren’t built into the greenhouse, but are incredibly easy to set up for your own personal settings and plant types. For instance, you can purchase solar panel kits that are simple to set up and heat your greenhouse appropriately for whatever plants you choose to grow in the off-season.

You can even use your portable greenhouse as a way to cultivate and experiment with your gardening hobby. It is perfect for casual gardeners who want to cross-breed different flowers for competitions or just showing off to other gardening friends.