rainy yard

Portable Garages Solve Rainy Weather Issues in Your Yard

If you asked a room full of people for a show a hands whether or not they enjoyed the rain, chances are you wouldn’t see many hands go up. Unless you’re an avid gardener or live in areas of drought, rain isn’t exactly the kind of weather you like to see in the forecast. There’s good reason. Rain is cold, wet and it makes being outdoors downright miserable. But there’s even more damage that rain can cause. Here is a look at how you can solve some of those issues in your own backyard and stop being a prisoner to precipitation.

Keep Your Cars in Good Shape

One thing about rainfall is that it can actually cause harm to your car overtime. The watermarks left behind after a storm are actually dirt and minerals that have mixed in the air and can start to make your car’s paint look dull over time.

This is the main reason portable garages were invented. So you can store your vehicle somewhere that keeps it protected from the elements without having to go through the costly and lengthy process of raising an additional structure on your property.

Don’t Cancel that Picnic/Outdoor Party

Nothing is worse than checking the weather forecast ahead of an outdoor event and seeing downpours predicted. You’ll likely be faced with the need to cancel all of these preparations and reschedule, or you can stay on schedule and use a portable garage or canopy instead.

Pop-up canopies feature water-repellant polyester fabric and are great as reception tents, event awnings and even large gatherings that need protection from either sunlight or foul weather. You can also choose from models that have screen inserts to repel insects.

Stop Keeping Clutter in the Garage

Keeping our valuables protected is a no-brainer. We’ve spent a lot of money on these items and want to be able to use them when needed. Think about how much you spent on that outdoor patio furniture, lawn equipment or bicycles and toys your children use to stay occupied outdoors. You don’t need the rain ruining them and causing damage, so you stuff them into your garage. Before you know it, you can’t park your own car in there any longer due to all the clutter. Now you’re in the scenario described above. Get easy, affordable storage instead with a portable garage.

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