Portable Classrooms

The more and more that I write posts for this blog, the more portable structures and shelters I discover. It really is remarkable how many types of portable buildings are available out there! Have you ever been on the highway and seen a flatbed truck hauling an already constructed house? Well, that’s the kind of thing I’ve seen today, except this one is just for your kids!

According to The Province, British Columbia, Canada, is spending $30 million on advancement towards making kindergarten an all day program, instead of splitting up the children by morning and afternoon sessions. To do so, room has to be made for the students – this space comes in the form of over 100 modular classrooms, which are transportable:

“Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid unveiled a portable classroom prototype at the Aldergrove plant that designed and will produce 138 “modular” classrooms to be transported to schools in 25 B.C. school districts. The classrooms, which she said are expected to last 40 years, will house 110,400 elementary school and kindergarten students over that time.

MacDiarmid, along with Langley MLA Mary Polak and a group of kindergarten students from James Kennedy Elementary School, visited Shelter Industries’ production plant Tuesday to view the completed prototype for the new classrooms. The minister said they’re nothing like the portable classrooms built to accommodate student population bulges over past decades, which lasted 15 to 20 years.”

This is definitely a good way to expand the Canadian school system without having to conduct any kind of massive construction. Portable classrooms cost a little over $200,000 dollars each and that doesn’t include the installation cost.

Note from Shelters of America – Make sure to clear any snow, ice, slush or other remnants of storms from the top of your portable garages, portable shelters, canopies and other structures on your property. You may also want to purchase extra anchors for more stability in the winter storm season.