Three Tips for Long-Term Carport Usage

So you’ve purchased your first portable carport, congratulations! Not only will your vehicle be protected from the harsh outdoors, but you’ll also gain valuable storage space. That being said, with all the benefits that go along with portable carports, there are also some dangers. Keep these safety tips in mind as you set up and portable garage use your carport.

Keeping a Safe Distance – As you start setting up your portable carport, remember to keep it a safe distance from the house. At first, this might sound ridiculous; you want your portable shelter as close to the home as possible so you can quickly get to your vehicle in inclement weather. As much as this might be true, you also want to keep your home safe from possible car fires. If for some reason your car catches fire, the carport will quickly go up in flames. The last thing you want is your home catching fire, too. This is exactly what happened to a Florida resident when her carport caught fire. Flames quickly spread to the house, but luckily firefighters responded fast enough to put out the flames before they caused any serious damage.

Proper Ventilation – If you have an electric car starter and you like to get the car warmed up or cooled off before you hop in, make sure your portable carport has plenty of ventilation. Just like running a car in a sealed garage, running a vehicle that is parked inside a sealed carport is just as dangerous. Toxic fumes can build up in any sealed up carport when a car is running, causing difficulty breathing and, in extreme cases, death. If you’re planning on letting your car run, make sure you install extra ventilation in your carport. By installing extra ventilation, you’ll ensure that the air is safe from toxic fumes.

Storage – Last but not least, don’t store anything valuable, except your car that is, in your portable carport. The reason for this is simple. If someone is observing your property, they are far more likely to break into a carport than the home itself. That being said, no valuables should be stored in the portable shelter. If you’re using the shelter for extra storage, we recommend that you free up space in your existing garage by moving fewer valuables to the portable shelter.