Portable Cabins Help Solve Overcrowding Issue


Residents of Rotorua, New Zealand are struggling with overcrowded homes. Many of the residents are considering renting portable cabins to help relieve some of the overcrowding issue.

The portable shelters are about the same size as a small bedroom and can be rented for about $60 a week. They come with a fire alarm, carpet, ability to hook up to a power source, and are delivered to a person’s property. The portable shelter suppliers are also renting them out as offices for homes andPortable Shelter as extra rooms to rent out to students, in addition to creating extra space for overcrowded homes.

The cheapest cabins are available for $55, but for some that is still too expensive. Most people who inquire about renting the cabins are low-income earners in their twenties. The government is concerned with the implications that come with renting the portable shelters. The government believes that for $60 a week people could easily upgrade to a larger property. There is also a program with Housing New Zealand that can help make accommodations.

Some issues of concern are security and bathroom access. Local portable cabin suppliers will not reveal how many units were rented in Rotorua due to market competition issues, but they did say that they were popular. John Weston of Just Cabins Rotorua said that nearly every one of his cabins were rented out.

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