Portable Buildings Being Used For Tourism

One of the major upsides to utilizing portable buildings is the adaptability of such a structure. For instance, portable garages don’t necessarily need to be used as a garage at all. Keep the cars outside and put extra items from your home you have no room for in the portable building. Furthermore, some people have found ways to use portable garages as a room of sorts – however, we don’t recommend that. It just goes to show you that the flexibility of these buildings can be a huge benefit.

This is absolutely true in the case of Tauranga, a city in the North Island of New Zealand. According to SunLive, the waterfront in Tauranga will be home to a new playground and a number of portable buildings:

The playground, along with a boardwalk through to Pilot Bay, and the upgrade of Greerton Library, are plans going out for public consultation in 2012. Tauranga City Council is also applying for resource consent to install 10 portable buildings of 18sqm to cluster around the Edgewater Fan.”

Part of a $4.9 million plan to help boost tourism at the Waterfront, the $300,000 playground is only the beginning of bringing people into the area. The article says that town authorities are hoping that additional spending on portable buildings will not only drive the local economy through the lease of land, but also by bringing tourists to the city walkway:

“Priority One city centre manager Duarne Lankshear says the portable buildings are an opportunity for the tourism, hospitality and recreation industries to provide commercial activities in various areas of the waterfront. ‘They can be used by food and hospitality sectors, for tourism type operations like jet boat tours and water taxis, and a place for events and activity.’”

Although the costs of the buildings will be a major undertaking for private businesses, the yearly rental is inexpensive, costing only about $2000 – 10,000 a year. The driving force behind using portable buildings is the ability for these structures to be used by any business that is interested.