Portable Buildings and Home Value

Portable GaragePortable buildings are great for adding extra storage for miscellaneous household items and yard equipment. Portable buildings can improve property value, are less expensive than a garage, and are able to be moved to new locations as needed. Temporary buildings are installed securely and can remain in a permanent location unless you decide to relocate the structure.

Clutter around the home and yard can be easily collected and stored in portable buildings
such as a portable garage or carport. Extra items that take up space but aren’t used regularly can be put away for easy future access. A shelving unit is a handy addition to a storage building to keep items organized and tidy. Homeowners will appreciate the comfort of a tidy home and be proud of an attractive appearance. A neatly organized yard and home adds to property value by generating higher appeal for potential buyers at time of sale.

Every homeowner is familiar with the collection of ‘stuff’ that occurs over time. Lawn mowers, pool supplies, leaf blowers, kids’ toys, ATVs, boats, bicycles, and so forth. Many prospective buyers will recognize the advantages of a portable building to house this growing collection. The extra storage may be a factor in deciding to purchase a home. On the other hand, you may choose to take the portable building with you at time of sale. The potential for relocation is a built in advantage.

Like homes, cars are serious financial investments. If your home lacks a traditional garage space, a portable garage is a great solution to provide protection from the elements for your vehicles. This is often viewed as a valuable feature for homebuyers. Some portable garage options are quite attractive and can improve the visual appeal of a home as well. Metal carports are a great option for durability and attractive styling.