Portable Buildings at the Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards CanopyFrom Occupy Wall Street protests to makeshift shelters following natural disasters, you never know when news about portable buildings will pop up. Recently, the 54th Annual Grammy Awards achieved ratings success with the assistance of portable buildings. The awards show added extra space by constructing tent canopies at the Nokia Plaza across from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Both a performance venue and a showcase giveaway for featured products found shelter under the portable canopies.

According to the Grammy Awards website, a performance venue was staged beneath a canopy tent constructed across from the Staples Center. The audience in this temporary building was treated to performances by artists such as the Foo Fighters, Chris Brown, Deadmau5, David Guetta, and Lil Wayne. Television viewers watched the coverage transition smoothly from the main awards stage in the Staples Center to the supplemental performance space under the canopy.

A more behind-the-scenes use of a canopy tent gave Grammy performers and presenters a space to enjoy the backstage Grammy Gift Lounge, an article from MSN said. Inside this white canopy, celebrities were greeted by a host and given a large duffel to collect items ranging from video games, beauty items, and chocolate to fine jewelry, apparel, and automotive products.

Portable canopies are not only useful for enormous television productions. A tent canopy is a welcome addition to most outdoor events and locations. The canopy supplies shade in the sunshine and a dry place to congregate in the case of showers. If you are planning a family picnic, an outdoor wedding or other occasion, a canopy tent is also a great place to locate a band or DJ. Outdoor events such as car shows and flea markets can also be susceptible to the elements. In all reality, too much sun, wind or rain can hamper any outdoor event. Provide guests with shelter from the elements with a canopy tent, and your special event – like the 54th Annual Grammy Awards – will be a more functional and comfortable occasion.