Pop Up Canopies and Party Tents Seen at Local Fair

Where’s the place you’re most like to see pop up canopies? Although beaches and backyards are two common locations to see a canopy, the location that often has mass quantities of these structures is a fair. Within the past two weeks, Wallingford, a town near the location of Shelters of America and Portable Garage Depot, held its annual Taste of Wallingford Festival. The main purpose is to have all, or most, of the restaurants and cafes in the area showcase their products, be it New Haven style pizza or a good cup of coffee, but craft vendors and live music are still present in the area downtown. But, aside from these main attractions, the secondary attraction is to see several pop up canopy structures all in one place, which can be seen in the pictures below:

Taste of Wallingford Canopy 3

Taste of Wallingford 1

Taste of Wallingford Canopy 2

Similar pop up canopies can be bought from Portable Garage Depot in a number of shapes, all of which can be seen in the picture above. From referencing the selection on Portable Garage Depot, the most common structure seen at the Taste of Wallingford is the straight legged pop up canopy, although some of the longer designs are available.

As these structures can be set up easily, they provide temporary shelter and can be transported easily by being folded up and put in a bag, which will fit in the trunk of any car or truck. Larger, longer portable canopies can be seen in both the pictures and in Portable Garage Depot’s selection, and these structures generally have separate poles and a canopy, but putting together the shelter still only takes a short amount of time. Regardless, most of these structures have a powder-coated steel or aluminum frame and a polyester or polyethylene canopy that is treated to be UV resistant and waterproof.