Police Station Uses Carports for Protection

This blog has covered a lot of stories about carports and how they can affect your life. As you know, having a carport comes with a number of restrictions and rules, depending on where you live. You may need to set up your carport in a specific area due to your local laws. Carports may not even been legal where you are unless you pay for a permit. Nonetheless, carports can come with a number of huge benefits for you and your storage needs. Not being able to have one on your property can be a big problem, especially if you need a place for your vehicles.

Luckily, people in the Town of Oakland Township shouldn’t have any problems installing a carport on their property. According to a story in The Romeo Observer, the police force has one of their own:

 “A carport will soon be added to the Oakland Township substation of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. The Oakland Township Board of Trustees approved a proposal for the construction of a carport shelter at its meeting Oct. 11. The carport will allow deputies to respond to emergencies faster, especially in the summer.” 

The primary reasons for this carport – the article says – are due mostly to weather concerns. For one, the heat of the summer sun has the ability to render police equipment useless from overheating. The carport also has financial implications, namely gas savings from the removal of needless idling. On the other end of the weather spectrum, the sheriff’s carport will protect the cars from the wrath of winter as well, by cutting down any falling ice and snow removal in emergency situations.

“Oakland Township resident John Markel stated that the carport would make the deputies’ jobs much easier. ‘This is one of the best things the township could do,’ he said. The board approved the proposal with an amendment to look into proper drainage, gutters and lighting for the carport.”