portable shelter with truck

Permits, Codes & Things to Consider with Portable Shelters

If you’ve decided to opt for a portable shelter for extra storage on your property, congratulations on making the most affordable and flexible choice possible when it comes to adding storage space on your property.

While you won’t have to invest in heavy machinery to break the ground and build a permanent dwelling, you may still need to get in touch with local zoning authorities to be sure there aren’t any codes or permits required.

Size Matters

One thing that may affect whether or not you can have a portable garage or other shelter in your local area is the size. Since areas vary in their regulations it’s best to check with your local area for accurate sizes while deciding on which portable shelter you get. Once you know the size, you can start looking at other measurements like ordinances on how far you can place a portable shelter from a house, the roadway, or other property lines.

Permanent vs. Portable

Depending on who you talk to, the definitions of permanent and portable structures can be varied. While you’re probably not pouring cement to cast your portable dwelling into the ground, there may still be some who consider it a “permanent” type of dwelling on your property. Again, to get the most accurate building codes you should contact a local office for your specific needs. Typically, pop-up canopy style shelters are not considered permanent and a safe option if it will do for your project. Then you don’t have to worry about permits.

Getting a Permit for a Portable Shelter

If you’ll be purchasing a portable garage or shelter and know you’re local town requires a permit, getting one isn’t too difficult. You’ll only need to visit the local office along with the plans and measurements of the project and pay a fee for the permit.

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