Peak Style Storage Buildings

One product sold on portable storage building sites like Shelters of America and Portable Garage Depot is a peak style storage building. These industrial-sized portable buildings resemble portable garages, somewhat, but are designed on a larger and sturdier scale. Some portable buildings are designed for people to go inside and work, and that’s often the purpose of these larger buildings, although some can be used for storing multiple large vehicles. The sturdiness that these buildings have is rooted – literally – in the structure of the building, including a solid, square end pipe ending frame, and in the stakes used to hold it into the ground.

One of these industrial sized storage buildings, on the smaller end, can be 20 feet wide, 30 feet long, and sixteen feet high. As this size is on the lower end of industrial sized structures, others expand on these dimensions. The door, in addition, is at least twelve feet high. Buildings designed for holding larger vehicles, such as trucks and RVs, may need a higher door to fit the vehicle inside. Regardless, the overall structure is much like a barn, only portable. Like a barn, they can store various pieces of farm equipment or seasonal vehicles, or can be used as a large work space. As a result, the entire space, once the door is pulled down, is fully enclosed.

The main characteristic of a peaked storage building is the sturdiness and, inside, the frame includes metal rafters, which are spaced six feet apart, as part of the galvanized steel frame. Another important quality is the door, which, for these larger buildings, is a steel roll up door, as opposed to the polyethylene roll up or zipper doors seen on smaller shelters. While both types of roll up doors are effective for their respective structures, the roll up door on these larger structures is made of insulated aluminum.