Spring Buying Guide: Best Portable Garages to Help Keep Your Yard Tidy

Homeowners tend to accumulate a lot of things over the years without giving much thought to where and how to store them. That can cause a yard to become crowded with furniture, children’s and pets’ toys, gardening tools, and various other objects.

In addition to creating a cluttered and untidy appearance, leaving objects outside can expose them to weather conditions and animals that can cause damage. Storing belongings in a portable garage can help you keep your yard neat and organized, protect those items from damage, and make them last longer.

Why Choose a Portable Garage?

When homeowners realize that they need additional storage space, they typically think about building or buying a shed. That can be expensive, and a permit may be required.

Setting up a portable garage is a much simpler and more affordable option. A portable storage shelter costs a fraction of what it would cost to buy or build a shed, and it can be set up quickly with simple tools. If you later realize that the location that you chose is less than ideal, you can simply move the shelter to another part of your yard.

Which Type of Storage Shelter Should You Choose?

Many companies offer portable garages, but they vary in terms of materials and quality. Look for a shelter made of durable materials that will last. A portable garage with a metal frame will be able to stand up to strong winds and won’t fall down if a few inches of snow pile up on top of it. The cover on a portable garage should be strong enough to resist tearing if an animal tries to get in or a branch scrapes against the building.

If you have a lot of things to put in a portable garage, choose a shelter with doors at both ends. That will make it easy to access your belongings when you need them, without having to pull things out to find what you want.

Where Can You Find a Well-Built Portable Garage?

Choosing a storage shelter that is well designed and crafted with quality materials can help you have confidence that you’re making a wise investment. Portable Garage Depot sells storage buildings made with powder-coated steel frames and polyethylene covers that can block the sun’s UV rays to protect the items inside from damage. The covers also block moisture to prevent mold and mildew.

We realize that customers have a wide variety of storage needs, which is why we offer shelters with numerous designs. You can choose from various heights, lengths, and widths, as well as round and peak roofs. Look through our selection of portable garages and place your order today.

How to Quickly Set up More Outdoor Storage

For many people, storage space is at a premium. If you have one or more vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, or other belongings that you can’t fit in your garage, you may be struggling to figure out how to protect them from weather and animals. 

Building a shed is one option, but that can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Depending on where you live, you may also have to get a permit from your local government before you can begin work, which can add to the total cost and timeframe. 

Setting up a portable garage is a much simpler and more cost-effective solution. A portable garage can be set up in a matter of hours using simple tools. That beats the long and complex process of finding a contractor, getting approval for a shed, and having it built.

What Can Be Stored in a Portable Garage?

Temporary storage buildings are popular because of their versatility. They come in a variety of sizes and designs so they can be used to meet a wide range of needs. 

You can select a portable garage that is large enough to store one or more cars, or even a taller vehicle, such as an RV or a boat. If you enjoy gardening and landscaping and can’t fit all your tools and equipment in your garage, a portable storage building can be an ideal place to keep them protected from harm and to keep them organized. A portable garage can also be used to store seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, as well as odds and ends that you don’t want to get rid of but don’t want taking up space in your garage, basement, or attic.

What Makes Portable Buildings So Durable?

Portable Garage Depot sells storage shelters that have frames made with powder-coated or galvanized steel tubing and an anchoring system to hold them in place, even in strong winds. Our polyethylene covers are made with rip-stop material to help them stand up to harsh weather. The covers are also waterproof and UV resistant. 

Order an Outdoor Storage Shelter

If you need a place to store your valuable possessions and protect them from harm, a portable garage may be the ideal solution. It can shield your belongings from rain, snow, and the sun’s UV rays. It can also be constructed in a fraction of the time it would take to build a shed. Setting up a portable garage can help you avoid a hassle and save money. Order a shelter from Portable Garage Depot today.


Portable Garages Provide Better Livestock Protection for All Weather

As any farmer across the U.S. can tell you, the way you care for your livestock throughout the year has a significant impact on the return on investment you can yield throughout the year. During the winter months especially, where extreme cold conditions and heavy snow occur, protecting your animals is critical.

A portable garage is a terrific way to quickly offer storage and shelter in these conditions. If you don’t have enough room in your barn or don’t have a physical dwelling, portable garages are a great option. 

Portable garages and run-in sheds keep animals and food stock safe from heavy wind, rain, snow, heat and other potentially damaging elements.

Here are some more of the ways they can help with livestock and protection throughout the various seasons.

Dry, Cool Storage

In both extreme cold and hot temperatures, there are dangers for farm animals so protecting them is key. A portable garage provides a dry place and somewhere to keep cool from the beaming sun rays. It’s also cover when it’s rainy and when enclosed, and can provide protection during snow storms.  Consider also feed and other supplies and equipment that you must protect. Portable garages can do the job of keeping them safe from the elements too.

Portability and Versatility 

One of the biggest benefits when it comes to portable garages is their portability. The fact that they can be set in any desired location and then taken down and moved if needed or not in use, is an incredible way to maximize land use and ensure you’re also moving and flexible to meet your livestock’s needs. 

Durable, Dependable Construction 

Perhaps the best thing however, when it comes to portable garages is choosing a quality construction that will outlast extreme weather conditions. Those made with heavy-duty materials such as powder coated or double galvanized steel framing, are built to last. Also UV resistant, fire retardant, polyethylene covers with rip stop material protect against rain, sleet, snow, and wind.

Portable Garage Depot offers easy to assemble portable garage/shelter building kits. Pre-drilled and cut to specs with an easy bolt together design! Order one today! 

Storing Firewood Safely Outdoors

With winter fast approaching, you may be planning to stock up on firewood to heat your home. You will need a place to keep wood dry and to protect it from insects. An outdoor firewood rack or a portable shelter may be a good solution.

Where and How to Store Firewood

If you plan to assemble a large stockpile of firewood for the winter, you most likely don’t have enough free space in your home to store it all. That means you will need a place to keep it protected outside.

You probably want to store wood near your home so you won’t have to go trekking through deep snow to bring some in to start a fire. It’s not a good idea to keep firewood too close to your house, however. Wood attracts pests, such as termites. If termites discover firewood right outside your house, it will only be a matter of time before they will move on to the house itself.

Firewood must be protected from moisture. If it gets wet, it can develop mold, and wet or damp firewood can be difficult or impossible to burn. You should store your firewood so it doesn’t touch the ground.

Wood also needs to be able to breathe. It should be covered to protect it from rain and snow, but there should be enough uncovered space to allow for ventilation.

Order a Firewood Rack or a Portable Shed

Portable Garage Depot sells firewood racks that can be used to store wood outdoors. Our racks are 4 to 12 feet long and can hold 1/8 to ½ cord of wood and keep it off the ground to protect it from moisture and insects. The height and width of the steel frames can be adjusted so you can choose the best way to store your firewood. A tarp on top partially lowers to protect wood from moisture while still allowing for ventilation.

If you plan to store a large amount of firewood, and a rack would not be large enough to hold it all, you can invest in a portable garage. We sell shelters in a wide range of sizes that can be used for a multitude of purposes. They have durable powder-coated steel frames to stand up to harsh weather and polyethylene covers to protect items stored inside from moisture.

Winter will be here before you know it. Whatever storage option you choose, order it today from Portable Garage Depot so you can stock up on firewood and be prepared for the cold months ahead.

Why Parking Your Car in A Covered Garage is Better than Leaving it Outdoors

If you love your vehicle, and even if you’re not a car buff – but want to protect your only source of transportation or the investment you’ve made in your car, then you’re probably thinking about the best place to park the car. Like: off the street when it could be hit, in a parking lot, but somewhere that other cars won’t cause damage when opening doors or block you in when you need to leave… so many decisions!  Whatever your situation – this doesn’t have to be a reason that your car is left outdoors subjected to the elements.  

Here are 3 reasons why parking your car in a covered garage is so much better than leaving it outdoors. 

Prevent Theft

The frequency of automobile theft is up. When your car isn’t easily accessible, it can thwart thieves. They won’t risk the extra time trying to break into the covered garage and will just move on. This and locking your doors can both go a long way in stopping crime. 

Protect Cosmetic Value

The outdoors can leave your car vulnerable to UV damage, bird droppings, flying debris, and more. Once paint on your vehicle oxidizes it will rust, peel and chip away. Rust can also lead to holes in the frame which leads to another host of issues. Not to mention the threat of storm debris like large falling branches or hail. 

Stop Premature Wear and Tear 

When your car is parked outdoors and is in extreme hot or cold weather conditions, it can also cause wear and tear to important mechanical components. For example, your brakes can corrode faster, your battery can drain due to the cold temps and your tire could get dry rot if temps are hot enough.

Maybe you have a home but your garage is filled with boxes and other valuables.  A portable garage is the best way to keep your car protected and give you peace of mind. 

Shop Portable Garage Depot for all the best garage and carport products! Available in a myriad of sizes to accommodate anything that needs protection. 

How to Have a Memorable Picnic

Now that the month of September has rolled in and Labor Day is behind us, some have had their last picnic for the season. In some parts of the nation, things are just cooling down enough to spend time outdoors. 

Regardless where on the map you’re located, there are a few key ingredients that will make your picnic a memorable one. 

Here are our top 3. 


1. Keep it Simple


Picnics are such a fun idea because they’re light-hearted and easy going. You can dress comfortably and come and go as you please. Keep it simple when it comes to food and decor too. Make easy to grab finger foods and stick to the basic staples everyone expects at a picnic. 


2. Don’t Forget the Utensils


One thing most everyone forgets when they’re headed out for a picnic are the utensils. When you’re hoping the macaroni salad will stay cold and that you have enough bread for the burgers and hot dogs, you may forget to grab some extra napkins, or even the large knife needed to slice the watermelon. Do yourself a favor and pack them in advance so they’re not missed in the last minute rush to get out the door. 


3. Choose the Right Location 


Location is such a critical factor in a good picnic. You wan’t an area that’s dry and cool  – but not too windy. Somewhere you can have privacy to enjoy the meal together – but not where mosquitoes might congregate. If you will be hosting the picnic in your own yard, it makes sense to set up or make use of a portable garage or canopy for the event. You can set-up tables, decorate and even host a number of people without having to worry if the weather will cooperate. 

Portable Garage Depot is your number one source for instant all weather portable garages and portable carport building kits. Our products are available in a myriad of sizes to accommodate anything you may require.


Tips for Growing an Indoor Garden

If you love gardening then you’ve made it to the right place! You might be wondering how Portable Garages fit in with gardening, but there is a great connection you should know about if you’d like to grow your indoor horticulture abilities. 

First, portable shelters protect your plants from the elements. Too much rain, wind and even intense sunlight can damage crops. That’s in the summer months. But if you live in a region where the ground freezes in the winter then you also have a lot of reasons to consider a portable garage for your gardening needs. 

With the right planning you can create an indoor garden area that’s warm enough to sustain the plants and well ventilated and enjoy your farming hobby well into the cold season.

Here are a few more tips for your indoor garden. 

Pick the Right Plants

While it would be a dream to be able to sustain any type of plant anywhere in the world, most gardeners understand that only certain plants will survive under exact conditions. It’s the reason we don’t see palm trees or cactus in New England. Unless you’re planning very specific conditions to maintain them, it’s best to choose the plants you know will thrive well in your indoor setting.

Understanding Water & Lighting Needs  

In addition to choosing the right plants, there’s an important need to look into each individual crop’s light and watering needs. Some plants will require lots of sunlight and daily watering while others will thrive better if their soil becomes completely dried before re-watering. 

Soil & Containers Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Just as light and water play a key role in plants thriving in both outdoor and indoor conditions, since they will be inside and in planters, then it’s especially important that you do not skimp on the soil you are using. Choose containers that are big enough for the roots to thrive and that drain efficiently and choose a rich, high quality soil for optimal growth. 

Portable Garage Depot offers a number of shelters perfect for an indoor garden. Shop Today! 

Why You Should Get a Portable Garage For Your RV

Whether you’re an avid camper or road trip connoisseur, RV’s provide a lot of spacious and flexible travel room. Even though RV’s may be sturdy, they are generally not indestructible. Just like any other vehicle, RV’s require protection from the elements. But if you don’t have a garage on your property, how can you accomplish this? The answer is simple: get a portable garage!

A Shield From The Elements

The number one reason to invest in a portable garage for your RV is protection. Rain, sleet, hail, snow, and the rays of the sun can all wreak havoc on your RV. With a portable garage, you can easily avoid this problem. Just park your RV underneath it when you’re not driving it, and you’re good to go!

Easy to Move

If you’re doing work on your house or having a lot of guests over, it can be beneficial to have a garage that you can actually pick up and move. In addition, if you do go on road trips, then wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring the garage with you? While this can’t be accomplished with a traditional garage, it can be done with a portable garage.

Ready to Check Out Some Portable RV Garages?

Shelters of America has everything you need. If you don’t find something specific that you like, then don’t worry–you can customize everything! Shop RV shelters now!  

How Bike Capsules Can Store Your Motorcycle Safely

If you’re a lover of being on two wheels then you know how important storing your motorcycle is for those times when it’s not in use. The last thing you want is for damage to occur to your ride because you weren’t careful about where it was kept.

If you don’t have your own garage, share the space with tools and lots of other clutter, or have tried keeping your bike at a friend’s house for storage instead, then you know agonizing it is worrying if it’s safe from theft or damage when not in your site.

Renting dedicated storage space for it could also be out of your budget.

Instead, consider a bike capsule! This is a great way to store your motorcycle safely and keep out dust, dirt, and rodents!

A bike capsule can protect your bike because it’s inflated around the vehicle using a 12-volt fan that runs consistently. It creates a protective barrier around the bike and the capsules are super strong. Made of 10 mil PVC material so it won’t allow mildew in, is flame resistant and won’t pop even from a hammer’s blow.

Worried about the floor? Don’t be. The capsule is a base made from 18oz. herculite – a high-quality performance fabric used by marine professionals. It’s also resistant to oil, gas, and antifreeze.

Keep your precious ride out of harm’s way and save on costs – the average operating cost to run the fan is just $1.50 per month.

ORDER NOW (also available for vehicles)

Patio Storage Solutions That Won’t Break the Bank or Take up Valuable Space

If you have lawn and garden equipment, firewood, or a small vehicle that you need to store on your property, you may be struggling to figure out where to put it. Portable Garage Depot sells storage buildings in a range of sizes and designs, including ones that can fit on a patio, to protect your valuable belongings from weather, animals, and insects.

Small Vehicles

If you have a vehicle that can fit on your patio, such as a motorcycle, a canopy or carport can provide the protection you need. We offer pop-up canopies that can clamp to any flat surface, including a patio, and serve as a portable carport to shield one or more vehicles from the elements and from animals that might chew wires.

Our canopies are made with polyester fabric that is water-repellant and that is treated to resist damage from the sun’s UV rays, as well as mildew. They come in an array of colors and a variety of sizes so you can store larger vehicles if your patio has enough space.

Lawn and Garden Tools

We offer small storage shelters that can fit on a patio and shield your lawnmower, landscaping tools, seeds, mulch, and fertilizer from the elements. They can also protect animal feed and hay from rodents and insects.

Our storage shelters are made with powder-coated or galvanized steel frames that provide a sturdy structure to stand up to strong winds. The polyethylene covers offer protection from rain and snow that could cause rust and damage to electrical equipment and cause agricultural products to rot, as well as protection from the sun’s UV rays that could cause equipment to crack and fade.


If you chop wood to burn in a fireplace or wood stove in the winter, you can store it on a firewood rack on your patio. Portable Garage Depot offers firewood racks with polyester covers that lower part to protect the wood from rain and snow while allowing it to breathe, which is important for seasoned firewood.

Our firewood racks are available in several sizes, from four to 12 feet in length, so you can choose one that’s appropriate for the amount of wood you need to store and the amount of space you have available on your patio. The steel frames can be adjusted to customize the width and height to suit the amount of wood you have.

Choose the Right Storage Shelter for Your Patio

Whether you need to store a vehicle, landscaping equipment, firewood, or agricultural products, protection from moisture, sun, animals, and insects is essential. Portable Garage Depot offers a variety of storage buildings to meet your needs. We understand that not everyone needs a large storage space or has a lot of room in a yard, which is why we offer shelters that can fit in a small area, such as on a patio. Our storage buildings are affordable and long-lasting, so you can be confident that you’re making a good investment. Order a storage shelter today.