Nook Teepee-Style Cabin Is Also a Raft

Nook TeepeeDesigner Antony Gibbon created the Nook, a multi-purpose teepee-shaped structure. The minimalist but functional temporary space can be used as a retreat, office, or hotel.

The Nook’s design is based on the ancient teepee-building techniques of nomadic tribes from the United States and Canada. The teepee design includes louvered walls with slatted wood panels that are attached to the structure’s main frame. The panels are angled and layered to provide protection from the elements.

The structure is strengthened by the use of reinforced angled glass. It has a transparent roof that allows rain and leaves to run off it to the ground. The openings allow plenty of natural light into the structure. The high ceiling makes the Nook feel spacious on the inside. This gives the Nook a natural, minimalist space and offers its occupants a sense of tranquility.

The eco-friendly Nook structure is intended to exist in harmony with its surroundings. The wood that is used to build the Nook is locally sourced from the surrounding area. As the Nook ages and the wood panels become weathered, it begins to blend into its natural environment even more.

The Nook is large enough to comfortably accommodate several people. The structure can also be customized. An extra floor can be added above ground level.

The Nook can be set up virtually anywhere. Coastal areas, forests, and sloping hills are possible choices for locations.

The Nook is also a portable structure. Recycled containers are hidden underneath the shelter, which allow it to function as a raft.