New Emergency Shelter Designed for People

Thompson in his shelter

We all know how important it is to keep vehicles and equipment safe during foul weather, but how about portable emergency shelters for people.

Rick Thompson, an entrepreneur from Port Townsend, WA has come up with a concept that provides a way for people to stay safe and warm in emergencies.

The shelter Thompson designed is being sold through Shields Products and retails for $549. It is available in several colors and uses the person’s body heat to warm the interior while keeping cold air outside.

The shelters measure 5-feet-by-6.5-feet wide and 4-feet high and use an insulated material that reflects body heat inward.

The shelter is waterproof and is being marketed as a temporary shelter for people stuck in extreme weather hazards or for homeowners who lose electrical power during storms.

While other shelters have been designed for emergency situations, Thompson’s is the only one on the market that uses the person’s body heat t warm the inside. Temperatures inside the shelter tend to stay at 72 degrees Fahrenheit but can reach upwards of 93 degrees Fahrenheit, in which case Thompson simply suggests opening the door.

The idea came about after witnessing many people suffer in freezing temperatures during emergencies including home fires, power outages and sudden blizzards. The shelters are durable and convenient, breaking down to the size of a golf bag that weighs roughly 20 lbs and be stored in small areas until needed.