More Solar Technology Carports on the Way

One of the major topics that I discuss in this blog is the movement among companies, businesses, schools and general communities towards sustainable energy for all to enjoy. The major benefit of creating sustainable energy is the cost efficiency of such a program over the long haul. A lot of areas that are planning carport construction are starting to really integrate solar panels into the designs, maximizing the potential for sustainable energy. Recently a lot of companies with truck fleets have been moving towards eco-friendly retooling of their systems, so the green community is moving in a strong direction.

In terms of carports and other portable shelters, there are a few stories that involve construction of solar powered communities with specially designed parking areas. Chevrolet is releasing the Chevy Volt in December, an electric hybrid that will charge from solar panels on carports. According to, Envision Solar, a company based out San Diego has just signed a deal with Chevrolet to develop these carports for home usage. The carport will act as both a power source and a housing structure for the Volt, maximizing efficiency:

“The models Envision is building for GM differ from the its previously constructed carports in that charging stations will be built in and the ports will have sun trackers to maximize the amount of sunlight, and consequent energy, the carports will bring in. And when GM takes its show on the road this week to showcase the Volt at the California Center for Sustainable Energy, Envision will provide a mobile port to carry along.”

In the same area of the country, a K-12 school district is planning a large solar energy project which will become the second largest in the country, according to the Mercury News. The project will take close to $60 million to complete:

“District staff will meet with principals to review plans for photovoltaic panels atop carports and shade structures at 51 schools and other district-owned buildings, said Pete Pedersen, the consultant overseeing the project. The work will be done in three phases, with 17 sites each, according to the contract.”