More Solar Carports

Carports are a wonderful alternative to building a brand new garage addition onto your home, which can save you money, time and a whopping amount of space, all while keeping your car safe from the elements. Plenty of large and small companies that provide parking for their employees in carports and are looking to use carport technology to maximize efficiency in parking spaces and also, in electricity usage.

Green energy is on the minds of hundreds of thousands of businesses big and small to find ways to cut electricity funding and discover new technology to help their business save money over the long run. One way to accomplish this is with solar carports, which feature photovoltaic panels that absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into units of energy. This topic is no strange to this blog – even more companies are beginning to look into this idea by the month, so I will keep you up to date.
Currently Kikkoman, the famous Chinese food condiments company and other such products is working on using its carpets for soaking up some of the sun’s rays for energy. According to Reuters:

“Kikkoman Foods Inc. plans to start tapping into the power of the sun this month with the completion of a carport-mounted 106kW solar photovoltaic system at the company’s soy sauce factory in California’s Central Valley.”

The piece also says that the energy saved would equal 150,000 kWh annually and any energy over the needed amount will be sold for local farmers and other organizations to use. The article also discusses other solar carport projects that are currently ongoing:

“Other projects in the works include a 2.9 MW solar power system at the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System campus in Tucson, which will be installed by REC Solar Inc. and is scheduled for completion in 2011. PermaCity Solar is scheduled to soon complete construction on a 432.5 kW PV system that will canopy new carports at the Cathay Bank Corporate Center in El Monte, Calif. Earlier this summer, News Corporation’s Dow Jones headquarters in Princeton, NJ, broke ground on a solar carport project.”