More Solar Carports Planned for Long Island

A few months ago, we saw one plan for carports on Long Island. These carports, part of a project by the New York Institute of Technology, were designed to replace part of the electric grid and power electric cars. So far, that project, which involved Prius cars for some students involved and solar carports over part of the parking lot, is still in the experimental stage. Another solar carports project is in the works for Long Island, however. This project plans to add solar carports to seven of the largest lots in Suffolk County, Long Island. Right now, this includes parking areas for government buildings and lots for some Long Island Railroad train stations.

These carports are being created by the Long Island Power Authority and enXco, a California-based wind and solar project developer, and are supposed to replace 50 megawatts of traditional power from the Long Island grid. Although which buildings will be receiving power isn’t stated in the article linked above, the implication is that the energy from these carports, from the flattest areas that receive significant amounts of sun, will replace part of the amount that the entire county uses. At the moment, these carports aren’t designed for powering electric cars.

Is Long Island leading the trend for adding these structures for alternative energy? It looks like it. After all, this is the second type of solar carport project started in such a small area within a 12-month period. Carports, themselves, are ideal for this purpose, as the shape of an ordinary metal carport shelters the vehicles from rain and UV rays. The solar panels on top are angled appropriately for the sun. Having them over a large area, such as a parking lot, allows a large amount of sun to be used for energy.

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