More Solar Carports in New Jersey

Solar carports are always good news. Not only are they used as a source for clean energy but, also, they incorporate a metal carport’s design to make a versatile structure. While some solar carports in the US generate energy for the electric grid and to power electric vehicles beneath, most just do the former as a way to use clean and sustainable energy sources. Another solar carport project is in the works in New Jersey, this time at Atlantic Cape Community College. Much like the carports set up at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, these carports are also designed to support part of the power for the school buildings.

Designed with Pepco Energy Services, these solar carports will be added to five lots on the school’s Mays Landing campus and to the Cape May courthouse. Overall, the school will be paying seven cents per kilowatt for this system, with all six solar carports used to generate 2.3 megawatts – half of the energy for the campus or enough to supply half the power to 220 homes. The local power company charges 15 cents per kilowatt used. Additionally, this project is planned to be the largest solar power effort for a community college in the United States.

The design for each solar carport hasn’t been revealed yet, although most likely it will be a metal design supporting solar panels. Much like the solar panel system in Long Island from a few weeks ago, these carports are still in the works and, so far, no suggestion of incorporating electric vehicles has been added. Because solar carports give a sturdy design to support photovoltaic panels and give cars under all the benefits of sun and rain protection, the structures benefit nearly all at the school.

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