More Push in US For Solar Sources, Including Carports

Two news items, recently regarding solar and alternative forms of energy, mention carports. These new items focus respectively on electric cars and on the military and, while divergent topics on the surface, carports with photovoltaic panels are involved in all instances. As we’ve seen many times over the past year, carports have been playing an important role in alternative energy sources, particularly as support for solar panels in a parking lot and as a way for electric cars to be charged. These two instances are seen in these news stories, particularly as cities and the military gear up for electric cars and better ways to incorporate solar energy into everyday use.

In one story that appeared on, various metropolitan areas in the United States are preparing for electric cars, with the first group of vehicles by American manufacturers set to debut in December. While the article mentions that ten percent of all vehicles should be electric by 2020, another important aspect of electric cars is adjusting power grids. This is where carports come in, typically as a way to absorb solar energy, shield the car, and give it a place to charge up. Many homes, workplaces, and places on the road will need to have charging stations for such vehicles.

In another story, the US Marine Corps has been trying to incorporate various alternative energy methods into everyday practice. The most recent is the Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy System, or GREEN, that has incorporated solar panels and rechargeable batteries into many domestic and overseas activities. As far as carports are concerned, an air station in Miramar, California, has been using them to supply energy to the base. Perhaps, in the future, all marines and armed forces bases will have a solar carport of some kind for energy and recharging vehicles.