More Investments Being Made in Solar Tech

Energy costs have been a major concern of the United States for a few decades now, and no one seems to have reached an agreement about what needs to be done. This is not to say there are not supporters of the green movement, which has been mobilizing to find new sources of renewable energy. This is especially true of a company called Stion Corp. which is putting $25 million of financing into new generation photovoltaics. According to an article from Clean Energy Authority, Stion has been a major innovator in this field:

“Stion is already producing some of the most efficient thin-film photovoltaics available. With its single-junction architecture, it produced commercial modules up to 15.6 percent efficient. The tandem architecture could produce devices that are much more efficient, up to 18.8 percent while still using thin-films as opposed to silicon-based photovoltaics.”

What is important to note about this story is its effect on the carport and portable structure industry, which has been benefitting from these types of developments. Carports – as you may know from reading this blog – are being fitted with solar panels more and more, adding to the value of these important structures. In many cases, these solar carports are bringing in new revenue to business owners and local areas because of where the energy goes.

For instance, some areas are using the energy to make electricity cheaper and other carports are allowing electric cars to fuel up using the solar take. Stion is just part of the movement towards solar energy innovation, although they are certainly helping with the round of funding they just received:

“The company raised $6 short of $25 million out of a proposed $55 million round of funding. However the round of funding is not yet fully closed. The disclosures were made as part of a Securities and Exchanged Commission filing.”

How will the future of solar tech influence the portable building industry? What do you think?