More About Carports and Snow

Over the past two months, many Southern states have been experiencing unusual amounts of snowfalls. And, as a result, one common occurrence has been carports in these states collapsing from the amount of ice and snow accumulating on top. Two recent news stories regarding carports and snow in Little Rock, Arkansas, pose the question, “Is it an old carport or is it the owner’s fault?” In all instances, the resulting collapse may be a combination of these two. Owners need to realize the carport should be fixed, especially when snow is approaching, and the carport itself, over time, may naturally fall into a state of disrepair.

In one instance, a woman looked outside her home to find the metal beams of her carport twisted. Although the condition of her carport isn’t mentioned in the article, it can be assumed that the carport wasn’t in an ideal condition, particularly because the roof of the structure collapsed onto her vehicles. Nevertheless, snowfalls causing carports to collapse often mean the structure itself wasn’t anchored properly – this can cause it to not withstand 50 pounds of snow on the roof – or the structure was simply too old.

On the other hand, when multiple cars are protected by a carport, the structure should be sturdy. At an apartment complex also in Little Rock, a carport collapsed onto 45 cars. Most of these were damaged as a result, and those who own the building aren’t claiming responsibility. Others, according to the article, claim this large structure was “unsound.” In any case, snow should always be cleaned off a carport, particularly when a structure can only support about fifty pounds of it. Ice, additionally, compounds to the weight the structure may experience. Regardless of the state of the carport, the responsibility of cleaning it and preventing snow damage is up to those who own the property.