Mobile App Helps Increase Emergency Preparedness

Red Cross Mobile Apps

There have been many natural disasters in the past few years that have devastated many places. Emergency preparedness has become a big issue because of this. There are several apps that have been launched in the past year to give people the ability to extend their preparation further and help them be alerted when disasters may strike.

The American Red Cross has created six mobile apps that smartphone users can download. They are for;Tornado App

• Tornadoes
• Hurricanes
• Shelter Finder
• First Aid
• Earthquake
• Wildfire

These apps give people the ability to more easily access information dealing with emergencies and natural disasters. Many people are preparing for natural disasters by stocking up on food, purchasing portable shelters, and creating emergency kits. Right now is hurricane season in Louisiana and residents can use the hurricane app to receive updates on  hurricane warnings. The hurricane app monitors local conditions and will help aid in storm preparations. There is even a feature that allows users to find help or let others know they are safe.

The apps can even function if cell towers go down, just on a lesser scale. Apps like the ones created by the Red Cross can be a valuable aid during a natural disaster. Being able to prepare better and find shelter during a disaster could be the difference between life and death.

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