Minimize Clutter in Your Home Just in Time for the Holidays

In case you haven’t realized, we’re only 3 short months away from the holiday season (two if Thanksgiving is the commencement of holiday season in your home.)  If you’re hosting guests and events over the course of these weeks, you may be getting into a panic thinking about how you’ll ever clear room out of the guest beds or where you’ll put all the clutter you’ve accumulated over the summer so it’s not an eyesore during festivities.

Portable Garages are the Answer

Add storage to your property that’s out of sight from guests and that gives you the extra space you need during these months to store the gifts, decorations and that unforgiving mother-in-law who will be surveying your cleaning abilities.

The dwellings can be set-up and easily taken down when not in use and best of all, they can be set back in your yard away from your nicely decorated exterior. After the guests are long gone and warm weather rolls around you can even decide to leave the portable garage up and use it to store lawn equipment or as a shaded area for any outdoor parties or picnics, you host.

Shop Portable Garage Depot

Portable Garage Depot offers instant, temporary carports, portable garages, building kits and more. All frames are made of powder coated or galvanized steel tubing and have covers made of durable layered Polyethylene in a variety of color options. This material helps stop ripping and tears and can withstand the elements. We also provide the anchors you’ll need to keep the portable garage in place wherever you decide to install it.

Enjoy the holiday season for once. Leave the mess out of sight and enjoy the party with your guests.