Maximum Strength Square Tube Garage Buildings

Based on the amount of space and the zoning requirements in your location, you can add near instantaneous garage storage to your property with a garage kit. Garage kits add sheltered space to park one or more vehicles away from glaring sunshine and acid rain. Steel Frame Portable Garage BuildingsIn addition to covering vehicles, these portable garage buildings offer cover for belongings such as tools and equipment, children’s toys, and unused household items and furniture.

Square tube steel shelters are a great choice when you are looking for a maximum strength garage solution. These portable garages are more economical than wood construction and very easy to maintain. All-steel frames, with Dupontâ„¢ thermoset baked on powder coated finish, support a rugged and long-lasting garage building. These frames are resistant to chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion. Steel construction helps these buildings hold up to high winds and snowfall better than other portable garage options.

In addition to the high strength frames, these buildings feature triple-layer polyethylene covers designed to resist the elements. An anti-aging, anti-fungal, UV resistant canopy is white on the interior to maximize light and visibility. You can choose from either grey or green on the exterior and select from several sizes to find a portable garage to fit your storage needs.

Steel frame garage kits constructed with maximum strength square tubing provide instant storage space for various vehicles, equipment and other belongings. These durable garage buildings create a protected environment to keep valuables from being exposed to damaging weather and debris. These buildings can be used for seasonal storage for items such as bicycles, swimming pool supplies, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. They are also ideal for year round use as an all purpose garage space.