Man Works Under a Tent at His job

Underground Elephant

As the internet becomes an everyday necessity for everyone, the amount of jobs that are internet based increase. Most people who work on the computer all day also sit in a cubicle. Andrew Fischer decided he wanted to do something a little different to make his cubicle his own.

Andrew created a tent out of PVC pipe and canvas that covers the top of his cubicle. He did not build it because it rains a lot in his office or because the sun was bothering him while he worked in his cubicle. Andrew works for Underground Elephant, an internet marketing company that is known for its “weird” office customs. The tent idea won an office contest for Andrew and he brings the tent with him every time his desk moves to a new part of the office. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that at Underground Elephant, you move to a new area of the office every quarter, so you never get too cozy. Think that’s weird? That may be the most normal thing that happens in this office.

Underground Elephant is a fast growing company in San Diego that does internet marketing. In five short years the company has become one of the fasting growing and best place to work in San Diego. CEO Jason Kulpa believes in organized chaos and deliberate disruption to keep his staff creative. Besides moving desks every quarter, Kulpa does a lot of weird things that may be the reason his company is so successful.

Many offices where people work mainly on the computer can be mundane and not invite creativity. White walls and cubicles with short breaks and 30 minute lunches are like something out of Office Space. However, Underground Elephant is nothing like the depiction of the American office in the popular ’90s movie. While there are still cubicles, the office is covered in provocative paintings on the walls, doors, windows, and ceilings.

With distractions everywhere in today’s world, the attention span people have is extremely low. So Kulpa tries to play off that by creating an environment of distraction and relaxation to promote creativity. While it is not required, you can take a ten minute break to get a massage in the office. This helps his busy staff of over 50 to just relax and think for ten minutes, with no distractions. You do not have to multi-task, answer the phone, or stare at four computer screens, you can just relax with your thoughts.


Tired of sitting in your chair all day? Well at Underground Elephant you can work up a mental and physical sweat at their ping pong table. Get distracted from your daily tasks with a quick game of ping pong, ride a bicycle around the office, or go on a scavenger hunt. Underground Elephant keeps the office lively with such activities. If it is your birthday, you get a spin on the reward wheel to win prizes!


The element of randomness and weird being the new normal has made Underground Elephant the successful company it is today. While I would not suggest you ride your bike inside your office, I would suspect Underground Elephant to be receiving a lot of job applications soon.