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Maintaining Tropical Plants in a Portable Shelter

If you have a green thumb and have enjoyed the last few warm summer months nurturing and growing beautiful plants, then you may be starting to feel sad about having to weed and prepare those plants for the cold winter. Depending on where you live, perennials go dormant but return again next year. There are plants that cannot withstand the cold temps though.

The options you have with those is to let them eventually wilt and die and toss them at the end of the season, or you could bring them indoors or somewhere they’re protected (like a portable shelter) so they can continue to thrive and live beautifully as they have been.

If bringing a forest of outdoor plants into your home living space is out of the question, then a portable garage or a greenhouse is just the thing you need for winter gardening bliss.

Keep reading for details on how to maintain tropical plants in a portable shelter.

Research Your Location

The first thing you should do before attempting to garden over the winter is to learn more about the zone you live in and what the temperature and ground freeze means for the livelihood of plants kept outdoors. Once you have a better understanding of which crops grow best in which seasons, you can begin to seek alternatives for taking those plants inside a shelter and getting them the proper care to survive despite outdoor temps.

Choose the Right Portable Shelter

Portable shelters are great options because they offer protection from the elements, they can be moved when not in use, and you don’t need to break ground to create a permanent space. With careful planning they can even be used as a greenhouse for plants and provide sunlight, warmth and even more intricate watering systems should you have the extra funds and want to get fancy.

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Tropical Plant Tips

In addition to taking tropical plants to an enclosed shelter, you should add some extra layers of security to protect the roots and keep the cold temps from burning them out. Add extra layers of mulch to the pots, fertilize and water at the right times and do your research on which areas of your property will bring in the most sunlight (a vital ingredient to healthy plant growth).

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