Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value by Parking It in a Portable Garage

Your car is probably your most expensive possession, aside from your house. You use your vehicle to drive back and forth to work, to run errands, and to go on short trips with your family.

Most people don’t keep their cars forever. If you think you will want to sell your car or trade it in when you buy a new one in a few years, you want to be able to get as much money for it as you can.

A car will maintain its resale value if it is in good condition and does not have any damage. You probably change the oil on a regular basis and make mechanical repairs when they are necessary, but your car could have other types of damage that could lower its resale value.

Long-Term Exposure to the Elements Can Lower Your Car’s Resale Value

If you park your car outdoors, it is exposed to all types of weather. Long-term exposure to the elements can cause damage. Moisture from rain and snow can cause the body of a vehicle to rust. That can be expensive to repair and can significantly lower the vehicle’s resale value. Long-term exposure to the sun can cause the paint to fade. If your car is parked outside on a windy day, it can be hit with all sorts of flying debris, including tree branches that can scratch the paint or leave dents.

How to Protect Your Vehicle from Severe Weather

The simple solution to protect your car from damage and maintain its value is to park it in a garage, but maybe you don’t have one, or maybe all of the space is taken up by other vehicles, gardening equipment, or things you don’t have room to store in your house. In that case, a good alternative is a portable garage.

A portable garage can protect your vehicle from all types of weather. Portable storage buildings are made with heavy-duty steel frames and polyethylene covers that can protect a vehicle from rain, snow, and the sun’s damaging UV rays. The cover can also shield your vehicle from flying debris on a windy day.

Order a Portable Garage from Shelters of America

Shelters of America sells portable garages in a variety of sizes that can shelter one or more vehicles. You can park your car, truck, or SUV in a portable garage so it will be protected from harsh weather that could cause gradual damage and lower its value. That will allow you to get a better price when you eventually decide to sell it or trade it in. Order a portable garage from Shelters of America today.