Looking for a Cheap Alternative to a Garden Shed? Get a Portable Shelter!

A portable barn structure.If you have a lot of outdoor tools or equipment like lawn mowers or tractors, odds are you need some sort of outdoor storage structure to keep everything safe from the elements. But buying or building a barn or garden shed can be costly and time consuming. If you’re on a budget and looking for cheap alternatives to garden sheds or other outdoor storage shelters, there are numerous portable storage shelters and portable garages on the market that may be just what you’re looking for. Here are three examples to give you an idea of what’s out there.

Shelters of America’s 10’Wx10’Lx8’H Round Economy Shed

If you’re really looking for something on a budget, this piece from Shelters of America is the place to start. Made with heavy-duty steel framing and triple-laminated polyethylene for the cover, this simple portable garden shed sets up easy, is easy to take down or move, and provides adequate storage small vehicles or all the gardening equipment an average homeowner should need to worry about. Not bad for only a couple hundred bucks!  Find it at Shelters of America.

Carport Depot’s 10’Wx12’Lx8’H House Portable Garage

Protect cars, seasonal vehicles, outdoor equipment, and more with this sturdy, affordable portable garage. The frame is made from heavy-duty structural steel with four-foot spacing between ribs, powder-coated finish, steel foot plates, and more. The fabric cover is available in up to Ultra-Duty 21.5 oz polyethylene. Find it at Carport Depot.

Portable Garage Depot’s 12’Wx20’Lx9’H Barn Style Portable Garage

If you’re looking for something affordable but need a shelter with more room than the eaxmples above, this large barn-style portable garage costs well under $1000 and is large enough to store vehicles, agricultural equipment, livestock, gardening supplies, outdoor furniture during off seasons, and more. Find it at Portable Garage Depot.

Each of the retailers above offers numerous other options to meet every budgetary and practical concern. You should have no trouble at all finding a cheap alternative to a garden shed that meets all of your criteria!