LifeStation Carports Can Provide Natural Disaster Relief

Lots of people know that green technology and energy sources are a hot button topic right now all across the globe.  There is a lot of talk about carbon footprints, melting icecaps and other concerns, so many people are looking into self sufficient living options in case of potential natural disaster.  This story discusses new technology developed by Envision Solar, a corporation that primarily deals with solar carports, and how these types of carports are beneficial to energy conservation and creation.

The article also cites that Envision Solar as the creator of LifeStation, a prefabricated steel system that can be deployed to areas affected by war or natural disaster.  The beauty of LifeStation is the roofing, made out of photovoltaic panels that absorb the sun’s light and convert it to useful energy for any number of potential applications. One such example of a LifeStation’s purpose is their ability to purify water while providing shelter and electricity in the face of a disaster.  LifeStation also provides over 3,500 square feet of space underneath, which would be enough to hold a small village population.

The question remains: how is Envision Solar going to make enough LifeStation units for the countries that most need them?  The answer, in short, is that Envision doesn’t have to be there at all for installation.  At its base level, Lifestation’s light gauge steel framing system meets all international building codes, so that’s taken care.  But how about all of the solar technology?  Shouldn’t an expert be around to put that stuff together?  Not with Envision’s LifeStation kit, which enables two untrained workers to put together one entire LifeStation from start to finish.  Included in the kit:

  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Water pumping and purification system
  • Inverters
  • Lighting
  • Energy storage batteries

Hopefully, this kind of innovation can help countries in need before natural disaster strikes.  It certainly seems like it should be able to.