Leaf House Portable Homes Are Designed for Cold Weather

Leaf HouseLeaf House is a Canadian company founded in 2011 that builds tiny portable homes designed to withstand cold temperatures. Their homes are built with modern designs and ecologically friendly methods.

Leaf House’s designs focus on maximizing an open feeling, even in a small space. Their homes range from 12 to 24 feet in length and are transported on trailers. The portable houses are built to comply with laws on road height and width.

Leaf House uses sustainable materials. Its homes are built with Forest Stewardship Certified lumber, reclaimed materials, natural finishes, and ecologically friendly products. The company uses natural building methods such as straw-clay, straw-bale, and timber-framing.

The houses are built using top-quality materials and appliances. They take four to six months to construct because they require the same steps as building a regular home. Since the company is based in northern Canada, its houses are built to stand up to extreme climates.

Leaf Houses include many amenities, such as a shower, toilet, instant hot water heater, HRV, single or double sink, 30-gallon water tank, shurflo pump, water and electrical inlets, electrical subpanel, triple or quad pane windows, low or 0 VOC finishes, 24-inch range or cooktop, refrigerator/freezer, dimmable LED lighting, and outswing door. The appliances are energy-efficient, and the house can be built off-grid and run on solar or wind power. The design includes a murphy bed or loft with stairs or a ladder and a memory foam mattress.

The tiny houses can be customized according to a client’s preferences. The company is working on new designs, including a 24 x 10 foot house and a 12-foot microhouse. Leaf House also designs and builds carriage houses and fixed tiny houses.