Keeping Your Greenhouse in Winter

If you’re not able to install a glass and metal greenhouse in your backyard, don’t worry. Dealers like Shelters of America and Portable Garage Depot carry portable greenhouses that, using the same type of design plan as a fully-enclosed portable garage, can be installed on your property for a fraction of the cost. Each shelter consists of a galvanized steel frame and a semi-transparent heavy-duty polyethylene canopy that fits over the frame. Inside, you can grow and arrange your plants much like in an ordinary greenhouse. For ventilation, vents can be added and, in the winter, a portable heater can be kept inside to give your plants additional warmth.

Such greenhouses offer portability, as one can be loaded onto a truck and taken to a local fair or gardening show, the practicality of such a greenhouse includes the fact that you can tend to your plants in winter. Much like how boats or RVs are stored during the cold months, plants can be kept in such an outdoor greenhouse to continue to grow. Amateur gardeners who tend plants or vegetables around their home often become disappointed in the colder months, as the ground is too hard and too cold to sustain anything. With a greenhouse on your property, you can continue to grow such plants during the winter months.

If a standard glass and metal greenhouse is too much of a financial hurdle, a small size portable greenhouse costs significantly less, with a small shelter starting around $400 at Shelters of America or Portable Garage Depot. Use one of these around the year to grow plants or use it as storage for your ordinary outdoor plants in colder months. This way, you can continue gardening without the cold stopping or hampering your efforts.