Keeping Critters Out of Your Carport

Portable garages and carports provide a multitude of benefits when it comes to additional and seasonal storage needs. These dwellings can be easily put up, taken down and moved as needed. But they are also open to the wildlife outdoors. If you store a valuable like a classic car under your carport, then keeping critters out is probably pretty important to you. Here are some tips to ensure these pesky creatures don’t make their way in to your carport.

The Problem with Rodents

First you need to understand why it’s bad to have these critters enter the carport and take shelter. The greatest danger comes from the fact that they will typically chew holes through your carport cover or even inside the vehicle. While chewing holes through your pricey interior is definitely a nightmare, there are other things rodents like to gnaw on when it comes to vehicles that could wreak even greater havoc on your precious valuable. Nesting in your engine, chewing on wiring and worse could result.

Keep Space as Neat and Clean as Possible

There’s nothing rodents favor more than clutter. It’s somewhere to find shelter and also a great place to hide. If you keep your place as neat and clean as possible there are less chances that the unwanted visitors will come. While you’re tidying up also plan to keep garbage cans, gardens and anything that invites wildlife over far enough away from your carport.

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