Keep Your Horses Healthy This Summer with a Run-in Shed or Indoor Riding Arena

The weather is turning warmer, and soon hot summer days will be here. Hot temperatures can take a toll on humans, and also on animals. If you have horses that spend a lot of their time outdoors, they can become sick from spending hours out in the blazing sun. The threat is even greater if they are exercising without shade. You can protect your horses from extreme heat this summer with a run-in shed or an indoor riding arena.

Provide Shade for Your Horses with a Run-in Shed

If your horses spend a lot of time out in a pasture, they need shelter from the sun. Spending hours outdoors with no shade can cause horses to fall ill. A run-in shed is the solution. You can set it up in a field so your horses will have a place where they can go whenever they need shade. A run-in shed can also provide shelter on a rainy day. You can put water and hay inside so your horses can eat and stay hydrated on long days out in the field.

Exercise Your Horses in an Indoor Riding Arena

Many horse owners like to ride on warm spring and summer days. Some owners practice jumping their horses for shows and competitions. If you like to ride your horses but the weather often gets unbearably hot where you live in the summer, the solution is an indoor riding arena. You can set it up near your barn to provide shelter so you can spend time riding your horses without having to worry about their health. An indoor riding arena can provide much needed shelter so you can enjoy riding and your horses can get some exercise safely.

Order a Run-in Shed or Indoor Riding Arena from Shelters of America

Shelters of America sells both run-in sheds and indoor riding arenas for horses. Our run-in sheds are large enough to accommodate several horses and can be set up in a field to provide shade and protect your horses from rain. Our indoor riding arenas are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 30 to 100 feet so you can exercise several horses at the same time. Order a run-in shed or an indoor riding arena from Shelters of America today to keep your horses healthy this summer.